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The Visitor Returns
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The Visitor Returns

The Visitor Returns


Click things in the following order to beat ClickShake’s “The Visitor Returns”


1. Pick up the lamp cord.
2. Plug in the cord to the mower cord.
3. Turn on the mower.
4. Open the toolbox and take out the hammer.
5. Knock the wooden block off the left side of the stick.
6. Remove the stick.
7. Knock over the trash can.
8. Jump in the garbage.
9. Turn off the mower.


1. Pick up the can in the back near the cooler and throw it at the spiderweb.
2. Eat the spider.
3. Put the log and the magazine in the firepit.
4. Take the ligher out of the jacket pocket and light the campfire.
5. Put the lower left can of beans on the fire.
6. Eat the skunk.
7. Go to the cracked window.


1. Eat the scorpion in the tank.
2. Open the fridge and throw the hotdogs on the floor.
3. Go outside through the window and eat the dog.
4. Go back inside.


1. Rattle the dishes while the man is drinking.
2. Knock the cigarettes on the floor.
3. Get the spray can out of the first cupboard.
4. Pick up the lighter and use the spray can.
5. Take down the man.
6. Try for the woman and she will shoot the door.
7. Go through the window.


1. Open the cooler and raise the beer.
2. Go through the broken window.
3. Inside, get the woman the following ways:
a) Spray, bite
b) Spray, claw, bite
c) Spray, web
d) Spray, sting
e) Spray, claw, sting
f) Web, spray, sting, claw, bite


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The Visitor Returns Walkthrough, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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